Elliot Martinez releases new Music! DubStep/Hip-Hop Cross over! “What you cannot Explain”

I was listening to an amazing piece of music by Lindsey Stirling called Crystallize, and was immediately inspired! I took this dubstep piece and merged it with Hip-Hop music as it was once remembered! the result is “what you cannot explain”. All credit goes to Lindsey Stirling, Im just thankful to have been able to contribute to the piece. Enjoy and please do share it with your friends who dare to THINK DEEPER!

E. Martinez


“THINK DEEPER” Official Music Video!!! Elliot Martinez ryhmes about the Illuminati’s plan, A New star emerges.


“Hip-Hop has been infested by superficial lyrical content, it lacks most of the substance that it once had in the mid 90’s. “Think Deeper” is a track that speaks on the current state of Hip-Hop music, secret societies within the business, and my obligations as a true emcee to stand up for the culture that I grew up loving.” -Elliot Martinez

“Think Deeper” was filmed by Juliano Rodriguez.
Instrumental by all-around beats