My Goal, written by Elliot Martinez

E. Martinez bout to go in on em man… im just gettin started

they ask me how it feels to know, soon im gonna blow,
they presume that i am after what they wish that they can hold
but everything that glitters, mother fucker isnt gold,
fuck the chains and nice apparel, im just tryna save a soul

if the stardom was meant for me, the streets must hear the best of me
lord, bless my enemies, progressively movin through obstacles
till i rest in peace, labels wont invest in me,
they claim that im a threat upset, cuz i wont sell ma soul.

cuz i wont tone it down or stop this, on slaught, i wrote
of course a force thats darker than you know, is tryna block me from my goal
will i surrender, will i fold i tell em never meanin no
son of God the highest, you cannot deny my flow

my objective etched in stone, since i exited the womb
I been destined for this moment for the moment that i boom
I’m bout to shake this nation, all these demon’s gettin weaker
I’m bout to bless this game and touch your heart right through the speaker


Prayer can move mountains.

Prayer Works
I thank God the most high for allowing me to continue on, for giving me the strength to overcome every obstacle placed before me. From a troubled childhood, to losing touch with my mother, to a damaged relationship with my xfiance/best friend of 11 yrs who got pregnant by another man, while i was behind bars for no reason, all them tears were wiped from my eyes. I have to deal with panic attacks and heavy stress, I think too deep for my own good, and the burden of seeing this world for what it is gets overwhelming at times. Still, I get through it, and its only because of Gods mercy. When my faith wanes, I find strength in prayer. As imperfect as I am, I know that I have earned nothing. Not my talent, nor his mercy, nor a chance to see tomorrow. But by his grace, I find myself hopeful for brighter days. Far from a preacher, I’m just an artist that knows without my God I am nothing. Word up.

-E. Martinez