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The year was 96′. The streets of Spanish Harlem were unforgiving, and his problems at home where beginning to plague him. As the sounds of Sirens echoed through the Avenues of “El Barrio”, Elliot Martinez found himself drowning out the sound of a cold city, with an old hand held radio which he would often listen to while taking breaks from writing poetry. As he was reaching into his bookbag to find another pencil, he found a cassette that one of his counselors gave him at school. Elliot wasn’t into Hop-hop music, but the tape was free and the streets were loud. Elliot was curious, what was “one more chance”? That night, he discovered Biggy Smalls.

Hip-Hop music became an outlet, a way to escape the harsh realities of a young teenager who wanted more out of life. Elliot found himself collecting whatever money he can from the cracks of a worn down Sofa and change bottles. Purchasing as many 2Pac tapes as the neighborhood bootleggers could get their hands on, his life began to take its course.

2Pac and Biggie opened the door to other Artist such as the DMX and the Ruff Ryders, the Lox and Wu-Tang Clan and earlier pioneers such as big daddy Kane and Rakim. The poetry that Elliot once wrote evolved and his Sonnets became verses, Instrumentals became a canvas, which he now began to paint with words. An Artist emerged from the streets of Spanish Harlem. Elliot Martinez is now a Recording Artist living in Orlando,FL.

Elliot Martinez has been featured in Ozone Magazine, as well as Hood Magazine, and has opened up for Hip-Hop legends such as Snoop Dogg and Method-man. Exceeding expectations has become the norm for this New York City native. Elliot Martinez is making a name for himself, he is rapidly gaining the attention of Hip-hop fans. His flawless delivery and charismatic stage presence, in combination with his lyrical substance and ability has left everyone questioning, what is next for Elliot Martinez?


3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. We all love yu elliot 🙂 yur doing big things not only.for yurself but for all of orlandos underground artist yu TRUELY have a movement and yu will shine 🙂

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