This song is the first song that I’ve ever produced the beat to. It is 100% original. Everything was produced, written and recorded by me. The song is about how a few of my friends have passed away this year and what they meant to me. I guess the good belong with God, right? Follow the link below to hear it. Enjoy


-E. Martinez




What happened at the Central Florida Talent Showcase, Hosted by Elliot Martinez?! Complete Article!

Central Florida Talent Showcase 8, hosted By Orlando Recording Artist Elliot Martinez was a Success!!

Show Icon

The Doors opened, the Venue filled, the stage lights turned on and the show started! Elliot Martinez opened the night with a Orlando Freestyle Cypher, in which many well known independent recording artists entered the Cypher and began “spitting barz”. Kallahan the Coolest, Lue Davinci, Yamil Greene, Darange, Prospect and even DJ MindBenda took part in the Cypher. Fame, of the Trench Coat Deviants also jumped on stage, and one of the members of a group called Paradox Society stood front and center with Elliot Martinez freestyling. It was Magic. It was music. It was the Central Florida Talent Showcase.

Charlie Reyes was one of the First to hit the stage. This young talent shocked us all with his charisma and stage presence. Paradox Society was very much on point and entertaining as well, they have great chemistry as a group and mesh together well. Darange, the 2nd place winner of the “Hip=Hop Ultimate X freestyle tournament” held an astounding performance. Darange looked as if he was going to pass out or die of dehydration as his sweat soaked his apparel. It was clear Darange had put his all into his performance.

Next up was Jay Veli. I’m not sure what happened, but I was told Jay Veli was drinking a little too much (The show had Free Beer all night) to perform. The crowd was patient with the returning emcee and eventually he was able to get through his set and apologized. I thought the crowd was going to eat him alive for his errors, but surprisingly, the were very supportive and encouraged him to continue. Where has this form of local hip-hop come from? The crowd was so supportive, and so positive! THIS IS WHAT ORLANDO HIP-HOP SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!

Shortly after, ON-n-OFF inc. As soon as they hit the stage, they commanded attention. They had gotten a good reaction from the crowd, and J.R2’s perfect flow and Adam Strapz energy carried them through a smooth performance. Justin Dejesus aka MC Swizzy was scheduled to perform but pulled a “No Show”. When Elliot Martinez was asked about it, he simply answered “Maybe he’s at home burning a blunt” and laughed it off with the crowd.

Next up was Elliot Martinez. Elliot called up all of his “citystomper” affiliates and group members and demanded the lights be turned on! It was so shocking! Martinez then said “a lot of Promoters hide in the dark to not expose how empty theyre shows are, but this is Love right here. This is support. This is Hiphop”. Martinez then asked someone to record the energy of his performance on instagram. During this entire episode the lights were on to reveal a sea of people in a small venue in Winter Park, which is now becoming a Hip-hop Sanctuary. The “High Society” lounge was PACKED. His performance was heart felt. It was clear that Martinez is indeed someone worth keeping an eye on.

Following up Elliot Martinez was his fellow “City Stomper”, Lue Davinci. Lue performed “Black n Decker” and it seems as if everyone knew the words! Very solid performance, up until a Girl Fight broke out in the Crowd! The details are still unknown, but apparently Lue Davincis girlfriend was involved in the altercation and fought with one of Adam Strapz promotional models! Craziness! However, it was all broken up within 30 seconds or so and the show continued on. A reggaeton artist by the name of “The Last Natan” had followed up, and the spanish women in the venue went wild! There was a lot of “Booty clapping” and “perreo”, a sexual Spanish dance. I have yet to see an underground Hip-Hop night, have so many beautiful women dancing and grown men singing a long to classics such as Nas and Big L. The diversity of the night made it stand out. Yamil Green and Sykotic held a solid performance which was very animated and indeed entertaining. The two emcees seemed to know each others set perfectly and their breath control was awesome. Grind Time Now’s CEO, Madd Illz, was in the house with the new faces of grind time now South, Set Gang South/

To finish off the night, Prospect performed “Body Count”. Those who went outside to deal with the belligerent girl who initiated the fight early, missed out on a great performance. This guy reminds me a lot of J. Cole, but he still manages to maintain his own style. Perhaps its his smooth delivery or his clean image. Chambers 45 and “We All In” were next. The “City Stomper” and “We All in” chants would not stop. The Crowd went bananas. Finishing off the night was Twan D the Student. Twan looked like a true veteran up there. His arms were all over the place and the emotion was carried through his facial expressions.

This was a dope night. I give it a 8.9/10, and only due to the Girl Fight. Had it not been for that negativity I would easy rate it a 9.5! I look forward to visiting the show again. This was one of the best times I’ve had at a Orlando Hip-Hop Event.

Written by Paul Lopez

Elliot Martinez releases new Music! DubStep/Hip-Hop Cross over! “What you cannot Explain”

I was listening to an amazing piece of music by Lindsey Stirling called Crystallize, and was immediately inspired! I took this dubstep piece and merged it with Hip-Hop music as it was once remembered! the result is “what you cannot explain”. All credit goes to Lindsey Stirling, Im just thankful to have been able to contribute to the piece. Enjoy and please do share it with your friends who dare to THINK DEEPER!

E. Martinez