Prayer can move mountains.

Prayer Works
I thank God the most high for allowing me to continue on, for giving me the strength to overcome every obstacle placed before me. From a troubled childhood, to losing touch with my mother, to a damaged relationship with my xfiance/best friend of 11 yrs who got pregnant by another man, while i was behind bars for no reason, all them tears were wiped from my eyes. I have to deal with panic attacks and heavy stress, I think too deep for my own good, and the burden of seeing this world for what it is gets overwhelming at times. Still, I get through it, and its only because of Gods mercy. When my faith wanes, I find strength in prayer. As imperfect as I am, I know that I have earned nothing. Not my talent, nor his mercy, nor a chance to see tomorrow. But by his grace, I find myself hopeful for brighter days. Far from a preacher, I’m just an artist that knows without my God I am nothing. Word up.

-E. Martinez


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